About Me

I have always been passionate about food and its origin, all things France and Julia Child. Travel tugs at my heart, luring me to new places where I can feast my eyes and senses, taste local foods -mostly via the open air markets- explore ancient sites and listen and learn from stories told by its people. Thus, the reason for beginning this blog… I dedicate it to food and travel, the love it brings to our lives, and the messages, recipes and photos from my heart and soul to you. Along with food comes its source. A growing passion of mine is gardening and learning about the origins of the food I love to eat.

My travels to France quench my lust for excesses of petite, ruby, candy-sweet strawberries, French breakfast pastries warm from the oven, tender, meadow green asparagus, and goat cheese so fresh and creamy my mouth waters just thinking of it. Let’s not forget the too many choices of vin ordinaire that accompany this party. Italy is my latest obsession, traveling both to the heel of friendly Puglia and to the verdant Tuscan hills last year.

More about moi: I fell in love with Europe while studying the fine art of culinary at La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris. Degrees in Nutrition and Communication have spurred my commitment to sharing my love of food. My mom and grandmother inspired and influenced my cooking passion and are fabulous cooks in their own right. While cooking occupies a great deal of my time, my garden has lately become an obsession. Studying the roots of food, literally and figuratively fascinate me.

Sparky, my canine friend who appears randomly in my photos, loves my cooking and drools when he hears the chop of broccoli. Vegetable lovers like me; I have caught him nibbling green beans straight off the vines!

I am rarely without a camera, documenting via photographs, my travel, cooking, and ever-growing garden.


15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Jeffery Dawson said:

    All I can say is…wonderful wonderful wonderful….you have really poured your heart into this, and it shows. Keep up the good work.
    love ya


  2. Jill Murray said:

    Mary, I feel like I have been to France! Thank you for sharing your genetics and your passion. Jill Murray


  3. Mary,

    I am in the wine and food business and love your Blog. I also live in Southern California. I would love to meet you…if you’re anywhere near San Diego I would love to have you to my home for lunch.


    June Dunn, President
    EMAIL: dunn@WineKnowsTravel.com
    TEL: 760.842.8812


  4. Love it, love you and looking forward to more! Cheers


  5. HI,

    I’m Tokoni, a student and poet. Its nice to meet you. I’d like to invite you to my blog at http://www.insanitybeautiful.wordpress.com if you’re interested. Thanks.


  6. Leslie Martin said:

    Mary, I loved the kitchen aid article and your blog. I’m quite impressed. Would love to travel to Europe with you sometime. I’m headed to Paris for the first time in June. Keep up the good work.
    Leslie Marin


  7. Ralph Samudio said:

    Hello Mary, just want to say thank you so much for bringing us along your journey with food and travels. I really enjoyed.. I’m looking forward to your book.. Hmmmmm… Love you my friend


  8. I my name is Novelia I am writing from Sulmona Abruzzo, I work for the italian Goverment that deals with historical interest, my office is inside one of the biggest Abbey of all Europe. Apart my work I have a passion and that is home made pasta dene with the rolling pin and wodden board. My guitar with wich I make the best spaghetti ever is more than 200 years old.. I wanted to know if in your traveling have come to Abruzzo, the hearth of the country, not turisty THE REAL ITALY. Thank you for your attention, Novelia.


    • Ciao Novella, Thank you for sharing Sulmona with me! I have just researched your lovely town and would love to explore it the next time I travel to beautiful Italy. I have spent time in Puglia, and enjoyed the people and small towns which are less touristy than the big cities everyone else visits. I always seek out the “real” Italy in my travels, like Deruta and Chiusi in Umbria. You can visit my new blog site, http://www.spoonandsuitcase, that is a bit more organized than ForFoodForLoveFromMary and go to the Travel section to see some of the more out-of-the-way places I’ve discovered. I am so glad you wrote to me and would love to make pasta with you when my travels take me to your beautiful town. Keep in touch!!! Mary


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