Let your feet sprout wings.

Let your feet take flight in simplicity.

Simplicity. This word kept coming to mind all week. It is defined as:

Easy to understand or do

Freedom from complexity, intricacy

Sincerity, naturalness

Why this word? With the intensity of spring’s vibrancy and a nudging to accelerate my goals, mirroring my garden’s growth, is this an attempt to make me feel small? We all strive for a simpler life, mention it in conversation, but we just keep adding more to our schedules, pushing ourselves forward. It seems so contrary.

My Tuscan view inspired simplicity.

My Tuscan view inspired simplicity.

Sometimes a tiny incremental shift is all we need to realize simplicity.

The best way to find your way.

Follow an off-the-beaten path sign.

Want to experience simplicity? Take a walk. Today I felt the pressure of work projects, home upkeeps, writing this blog – overload. So, what did I do? Got out the leashes and took myself and the dogs for a long walk. The feel of the warm breeze, the scent of blooming roses, the stillness and comfort of a familiar neighborhood and the sound of quiet – only the click of canine nails on the pavement. My mind releases and stalls in the present moment.

Simple steps adorned only with poetic messages.

Simple steps adorned only with poetic messages. “The butterfly does not sing the years but the moments: For this reason, its short time is just enough.” Flaneur

Time stands still.

Time stands still.

When I return, I realize that I have put the pressures on myself and that I ultimately control them. During my mindful or mindless walk, my sub-conscious brain has decided what pressures to let go. I just don’t realize it until I plug back in at home. Suddenly the world feels lighter and simplicity is captured.

…….Be Simplicity Itself….

Ciao and love for now,